Using a PC vs. Game Console for Gaming

Using a PC vs. Game Console for Gaming

gaming consolesIf you plan to make gaming one of your hobbies, one thing you must decide early on is whether to play games on your PC, or buy a gaming console. For a fortunate few people, it may also be within their budget to play games on both. But for most of us, budgetary concerns will force us to choose one or the other. So which one should you choose?

At first glance, using the PC may seem like an appealing option if you already have a computer. After all, using your PC can save you hundreds of dollars that you’d otherwise need to spend on a gaming console. But once you begin playing games on a PC, you will quickly notice that unless you have a top-notch graphics card, you gaming experience will suffer. In some cases, you won’t even be able to play a game because your graphics card does not meet the required specification.

Upgrading to a better graphics card may seem like a quick solution, but the best gaming cards easily end up costing $200 or more. Once you do all the research, it becomes clear that playing games on your PC is not necessarily the cheapest solution.

Buying a gaming console likewise requires an upfront investment. But one option is to buy a used console from Ebay, Gamestop, Glyde, and many other sites. This can save you a hundred dollars or more. But the best part of using a gaming console is that if you get a Gamefly subscription, you will be able to rent numerous games for a low monthly subscription. The Gamefly library is quite extensive, and they have games for all major platforms. At the present time, there are over 8000 games you can rent. If you don’t want to commit to a membership, you can rent games from Redbox as well. On the whole, however, I think Gamefly gives you a much better deal, especially if you prefer to keep your games longer than a couple days. You can obtain a Gamefly free trial for 30 days if you go to

Note that renting games from Gamefly or Redbox is not an option if you play games on the PC. Therefore, I do believe that in most cases, buying a gaming console is the better option for gaming. The only exception is if you have a computer that already has a good graphics card installed. There is a difference in available games depending on whether you use a console or a PC. It behooves you to check out which games are available under different platforms before you make a final decision.